FreezeME Coming to Wii U

Spain’s Rainy Night Creations have contributed their own game to the steady resurgence of the N64-era 3D platformer with the upcoming FreezeME. Already announced for PC, Mac, and Linux, FreezeME’s next platform is one that is sure to satisfy fans of that classic scene.

Rainy Night Games announced on Twitter that they’ve become an official Wii U developer and FreezeME is set to appear on Wii U. An announcement trailer was included. This follows FreezeME’s appearance on Steam Greenlight, with a Kickstarter campaign coming soon.

The main mechanic of FreezeME is the ability to take pictures to “freeze” enemies and objects, a cool mechanic that could offer plenty of puzzles to complete. The worlds in the game appear to be quite large as well, even in alpha.

The N64-era platformer scene seems to be getting a resurgence with the new Playtonic Games project Project Ukelele and Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time. FreezeME only makes the genre’s rebirth all the more interesting.

Check out the Wii U announcement trailer below and head over to Greenlight if you want to see FreezeME on PC as well.