Kickstarter Launches to Remaster Mother (Earthbound Zero) Soundtrack on Vinyl

If there’s one thing we like, it’s vinyl. If there’s two things we like, it’s vinyl and video games. So when the prospect of combining the two comes up, we’re always quite excited. That’s been happening more and more lately with the releases of the Hotline Miami 2, Grand Theft Auto V and Hohokum soundtracks on the format and now small record label Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is trying to give Mother (known as Earthbound Zero in North America) the wax treatment.

The label has gone to Kickstarter to raise $42,000 to acquire the rights to the game and press it on vinyl. Backers can secure a copy of the release for $40. There was a limited edition translucent red version of the vinyl limited to 450 copies, but it has already sold out.

If the release is successful, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. (who should probably look into a name change) will continue pressing video game soundtracks.