Level-5 Announces Vision 2015 Event, Teases New Titles

Level-5 has announced it will hold its annual Vision event on April 7, and surprisingly confirmed several exciting new games will make an appearance. Yo-kai Watch 3, Layton 7, and Fantasy Life 2 will all be touched upon during the event, as will the studio’s next cross-media franchise, which was teased last year. These are only the confirmed games, of course; Level-5 is sure to have some surprises up its sleeve.

Yo-kai Watch, the studio’s most recent cross-media franchise, has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan, and looks primed for release in the west in the near future. If Level-5 can repeat a similar feat with its next endeavor, the studio may be on the cusp of taking the world by storm. We’ll have all the news for you as it breaks when the event takes place at 2AM PDT on April 7.