Mecha Shooter Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo for Vita hits PSN Later this Month

We often complain about the lack of Vita games because, well, it’s a damn crime that Sony’s handheld doesn’t get more attention. Thus when an exclusive title for the console gets released, we usually just complain because we know it probably won’t get localized for the West. However, today we are not complaining as Arc System Works’ mecha action shooter released in Japan some time ago is getting a western release, and it just so happens to be coming out in two weeks! Say what?!

That’s right, Damascus Gears: Operation Tokyo is set to hit PSN here in the US on March 24 for a cool $14.99. According to the press release, the game’s features are as follows:

  • Blades, chainsaws, laser cannons, pile bunkers, and many other weapons for your fightin’ robot.
  • Scores of different parts to make your GEAR match your fighting style.
  • Tense story mode that documents humankind’s last, desperate struggle for survival.
  • Play the mission-based story progression or fight arena-mode versus AI.
  • DLC with new armor, weapons, and missions.
  • Giant.
  • Freaking.
  • Robots.

Though we shouldn’t be surprised, as this is coming from the team best known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, but the game looks super slick and fun. But, be sure to check out the trailer below to draw your own conclusions.