Watch the Absolutely Ridiculous First Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Gameplay

Admittedly, most of our time with Mortal Kombat X will be spent challenging friends, family members and co-workers to random spars. Beneath all that carnage and (let’s be honest) name-calling, however, will be a full-fledged campaign propelling the story of the franchise forward.

After we saw glimpses of said story in The Cage Family trailer released earlier in the week, NetherRealm has today shown off the first chapter of the story. The studio is clearly going for broke in the opening sequence, which features Scorpion shooting his kunai through the window of a helicopter and into the face of a pilot, ripping him from the cockpit, before entering the helicopter and engaging with Johnny Cage in some literally ball-busting combat.

We think we speak for everybody when we say “is it April 14 yet?”

Read our hands-on coverage with the story mode here and check out the footage below: