Battlefield Hardline Drivable Couch Easter Egg

Some of the best moments in gaming are when games don’t take themselves too seriously allowing you to break from the action for a bit.

Thanks to Youtuber Jackfrags you can get a slight reprieve from all the serious action of Battlefield Hardline when you find the drivable couch called, The American Dream. You can find the couch in Hotwire mode on the Dustbowl map in one of multiple set locations. If the couch is destroyed, however, it won’t respawn for the remainder of the match.

The couch can actually offer a bit of utility during the match as well. It’s the fastest vehicle in the game and can seat up to four people, so it’s not just there for show. Also if you happen to run over an enemy in it the weapon name will be [Merica].

The best part about this easter egg is the possibility for more, so keep your eyes peeled when Battlefield Hardline launches next week, March 17, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.