Move Over Hatred, ‘Party Hard’ Does Mass Murder Some Justice

On the short list of things games do better than anything else, ‘murder simulation’ sits firmly between ‘finding a young Japanese lover’ and ‘driving expensive cars’. So why did a game like Hatred, essentially murder porn dialed to crazy, receive such critical opposition? Well, it’s probably because of Columbine. And Virginia Tech. And the whole DC Sniper thing. And tons of other senseless murders that don’t represent the entertainment arm of gaming very well.

Party Hard, on the other hand, is a 2-day Global Game Jam creation turned full-on stealth-based “mass murder simulator” that strongly focuses on entertainment value (not just the bang bang you’re dead stuff). Why are you killing these people? The music next door is too loud.

In development by TinyBuild Games and Pinokl Games, Party Hard is coming to Steam, iOS and Android. Across all platforms, players will be able to stage accidents, conceal evidence, and dance any doubts away when the cops make an appearance. The environments will be procedurally generated, too, so strategies will change often enough to keep things fresh.

For more information, visit the official Tiny Build website and get excited about killing hoards of pixelated party-goers soon.