Neptunia VS. Sega Hard Girls Announced for PS Vita

If there’s two things we love in this world, it’s the Neptunia franchise and Sega. Sega Hard Girls is an especially cool portion of the company’s lore, which re-imagines each console as anthropomorphized goddesses. Sadly, while it’s appeared in light novel and anime form, it’s never gotten the video game adaption it’s clearly crying out for.

That’s all about to change today as┬áNeptunia VS. Sega Hard Girls has been announced at Dengeki Kanshasai 2015.

The game will be a crossover of the Neptunia franchise and Sega Hard Girls. No furtuer details or a release date have been announced for the PS Vita exclusive.

Check out the logo below:

[UPDATE] Compile Heart has revealed a second new game in the Neptunia franchise titled “Tag Team Blanc + Neptunia VS. Zombie Army.” See that announcement here.