[NUREN] Has Hit its Funding Goal

With just over 40 hours left in their Kickstarter campaign, Jake Kaufman and Jessie Seely have raised over $70,000 to make [NUREN] a (virtual) reality. The ambitious VR rock opera is sure to be packed with awesome music (a few superstar contributors will see to that), and will feature beautiful visuals that full advantage of the Unreal Engine. Many have speculated that VR “movies” like this could represent the future platforms like the Oculus Rift, and I’m inclined to agree.

For the final leg of the campaign, Kaufman will be streaming with Egoraptor and the Unforgotten Realms crew in a live improv role-playing session. You’ll be able to catch the show at 5pm EST tomorrow on Coestar’s Twitch Channel, so be sure to tune in if you can, because it promises to be immensely entertaining. If you haven’t contributed to [NUREN]’s kickstarter yet, these next two days are your last chance to help make virtual history. If you have a thousdand dollars to spare, you can even be a part of it, since two of the guest director rewards remain unclaimed.