Tales of Vesperia PS3 English Fan Translation Released

Tales of Vesperia was a great game, but it had one fatal flaw: it wasn’t on PS3. Yes, strangely enough, the Xbox 360 received its fair share of exclusive JRPGs and 2008’s Vesperia was one of the bigger ones. The game did, however, see a release on Sony’s last-gen console in Japan in late 2009, but Bandai Namco has seemed completely uninterested in bringing the game out west (which is understandable considering it couldn’t even manage to move 500,000 copies in Japan).

That’s not stopping fans, however, who have spent years creating a fan translation of the PS3 version of the game that has finally been released. The fan translation is now available for free for those who can run homebrew on their PS3. Unfortunately, there’s no known way to downgrade a PS3 that has been updated past firmware version 3.55, so all but the most dusty PS3s will be out of luck.

While some may question the logic of spending countless man hours translating and patching the game when an Xbox 360 and copy of Vesperia can be had for under $100 now, the PS3 version does bring a wealth of new content against a resolution drop to 576p.

Head over here to download the patch (note Hardcore Gamer is not specifically recommending you do this and is not responsible for any repercussions).