Winged Cloud Brings Sakura Fantasy to Steam Greenlight

Visual novels might not be a genre everyone is familiar with, but most Steam users are aware of Winged Cloud’s “Sakura” series of games. Each title is independent in regards to story but features copious fanservice via women in fantastical – and quite revealing – outfits.

Their latest visual novel, Sakura Fantasy, is now seeking upvotes on Steam Greenlight. Interestingly, it was posted by the developer themselves rather than Sekai Project which facilitated the release of both previous games (Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels).

The storyline in its brief entirety is as follows: “It is the tale of an aspiring novice who wishes to aim to become a knight. Her life suddenly changes when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens.” Whether you personally upvote or not Sakura Fantasy is basically guaranteed a spot on Steam.