$80 Games Now a Reality in Canada

Less than a month ago, we were expressing our condolences to our beady eyed friends up north for new games jumping to a whopping $74.99 in Canada. Now just three weeks later, game prices in the land of hockey have inched up to an unfathomable $79.99. Both NISA’s Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and Idea Factory Intl’s Omega Quintet have today seen their prices raise to $79.99 at EB Games, Canada’s largest standalone video game retailer.

Most every other pre-order is sitting at $74.99, but given that Omega Quintet and Disgaea 5 were the first games to be raised to $74.99 last month before other publishers followed suit, it seems like a safe bet that other pre-orders will see the increase within days.

$60 USD currently equals about $77 Canadian, so this jump seems a bit premature. Still, if the Canadian dollar keeps dropping, $100 games don’t seem out of the realm of possibility.