Nintendo Stocks Spiked High After Huge Announcements

Nintendo’s stocks have climbed extremely high today after Nintendo released their statements about their mobile gaming horizons with DeNA and announced their next game console currently codenamed NX. The company currently sits on $18.22 per share.

The 27.5 percent increase would not have been possible had Nintendo stuck to its roots by holding its games to be exclusively released on consoles. However, with the new the possibility of avid Nintendo fans having a Super Mario app, the company has once again changed how investors view the video game industry.

Plus, there’s the new console announcement. While Nintendo has unfortunately been hush-hush about their new console, we know for sure that Nintendo isn’t leaving the gaming market anytime soon. Satoru Iwata has made sure that we all knew that during today’s conference.

That, and the Nintendo staff might be jumping up and down in celebration at this point. How happy would you be if you saw your company’s stock shift increasingly high in such a short amount of time?


It should be noted that Nintendo is an over-the-counter stock and not a common stock listed on a major stock exchange, so invest wisely if you’re thinking about getting on the hype train.

There are still plenty of questions about the NX console and how Super Mario will change how I use my iPhone 5C. Let’s hope that Nintendo comesĀ  through with some answers at this years E3.