Aksys Teasing Something; Zero Escape 3 Announcement Inbound?

If there’s one thing we want more than anything in life, it’s Persona 5. But if there’s two things we want more than anything in life, it’s Persona 5 and Zero Escape 3. Both games so far in the series are absolutely fantastic and became cult classics in the United States. Unfortunately, lower than expected sales have seemingly put the sequel into limbo.

That all is possibly about to change as Aksys is teasing an announcement today that looks suspiciously like Zero Escape 3.

The publisher has today launched a website with the URL “4infinity.co” that simply contains the numbers “0303”.

Check out a screenshot:

Of course the most obvious clue that it’s Zero Escape 3 related are the two 3s in the image. One could even say that the 3s are “escaping” from the zeros, as big of stretch as that might be.

More still, the font is quite similar to that of 999:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.27.31 PM
Given that the game hasn’t even been announced for Japan and Aksys is a localization company, they would either be having to help in the creation of the game or be publishing it simultaneously out west to know of it first, which could be a possibility given its popularity out here.

Any clues we’re missing? Sound off below!

UPDATE 3/21 The website has been updated to now display the numbers “0302” meaning that the numbers actually seem to be a countdown of some sort. It took more than a day for it to go down a notch, so it doesn’t seem to be counting days. We’ll follow it and update if and when it changes again.