Atari’s Zombie Legal Team Cancels Llamasoft’s TxK on PC, PS4

The shambling corpse of Atari needs to die now.  While a game like the MMO Asteroids is merely confusing and pointless, grafting a familiar name onto a barely-related game, they’re now dipping into copyright troll territory.  Llamasoft has been hit with a C&D over TxK, so the PC, PS4, and VR versions are canceled.  You can still play it on Vita and Vita TV, but the updated, revised version that’s almost done?  It’s dead.

The announcement came from Jeff Minter’s Twitter feed, and the conversation contains several other details as well.  The wholly-original soundtrack?  Derivative and “indistinguishable from the soundtrack of Tempest 2000”.  Not mentioning Atari or Tempest in relation to TxK?  Weird voodoo trickery to associate the game with Atari and Tempest.  Basically it’s lawyers being lawyers at the behest of a company that’s got nothing but bought-up assets of talented people who long ago stopped getting benefit from their creations.