Party Hard Introduces Itself as 2015’s Weirdest Game

Indie games are awesome and creative, this much is well-known, but we don’t often discuss perhaps the coolest aspect of these small-team darlings: they’re weird as hell. Because of the often stagnant, iterative (but often super fun) titles that come out of the AAA space, novel independent games often stand out as bizarre. In this ocean of oddity, one game in particular seems so bizarre that we just can’t shut up about it. TinyBuild and the Ukrainian Pinokl Games have revealed that Party Hard, the neighbor-stabbing simulator that caught our attention during PAX East,  will contain dancing bears, rooftop parties, marijuana-based NPC status effects, and oh so much more in their latest press release.


Party Hard will contain twelve stages with bizarre, multi-layered tasks and environments, all designed to get you to murder everyone at a given fiesta. Environmental manipulation is the most exciting element of Pinokl’s bizarre title; players will be able to send weed dealers to nearby rooms to knock guests unconscious, stoves will explode, and rooftops will play host to dozens of deaths. A number of new screenshots have been released that detail the finer aspects of stabbing everyone at your neighbor’s party, which showcase some downright impressive pixel-art:

Party Hard is set to release on Steam and mobile platforms at some point in 2015, so keep an eye out. Oh, and feel free to enjoy a rock band gif with your dancing bear gif:

party hard bearunnamed