PS4 Overtakes Xbox One Battlefield Hardline Lead

When Battlefield Hardline launched at midnight on Tuesday, we were surprised to find that the Xbox One version of the game was easily trouncing the PS4 version. While EA access likely played a tiny factor (most players were locked out by the time the game launched), it was clear that the Xbox One version of the game was doing well. Throughout the day, the Xbox One version retained its lead, but saw it beginning to dwindle.

Finally during Wednesday afternoon, the PS4 version of Hardline has overtaken the Xbox One version.

The PS4 version of the game has been sitting well over 50,000 players all morning whilst the Xbox One version has been sitting just below 50,000. The PS4 lead is not substantially higher, however, and Xbox One still owns the Peak 24h record at 81,146, so it’s possible we could yet again see the Xbox One version reign supreme.

Even if we don’t, however, this still must be seen as a victory for Microsoft’s console, who although is now lagging the PS4 in players by mere fractions, has half of the install base of Sony’s console.