Brutal Half-Life Mod Now Available to Play

Playing Half-Life back in the day could get gruesome. There were moments of brain bashing and gut splattering but it wasn’t out of control, until now. The Brutal Half-Life modification of the game unleashes pure carnage and grotesque violence. You can keep shooting enemies until they turn to bloody pudding.

The mod comes with several features and they’re all a mess. New death animations, items and objects can be covered in blood, corpses can be mutilated, enhanced explosions, updated blood sprites and so much more.┬áThe mod was inspired by another classic shoot’em up– Doom. It’s even got a few nods to the game.

While it’s no Half-Life 3, it should be enough to satisfy the urge of the most blood thirsty fans. Go download┬áthe game now and watch the trailer below: