Dying Light is Techland’s Most Popular Title Ever

Dying Light is a resounding success accumulating 3.2 million players since it launched over 45 days ago. Techland has named Dying Light their most popular title ever, beating out 2011s Dead Island.

To celebrate, Techland has released an infographic showcasing crazy statistics. It turns out that that people really love killing zombies. Over 300 million of the walking dead have been killed since the game launched. Players have also saved enough people to populate Ireland, a good place to start repopulating the world.

Dying Light Infographic

Dying Light launched in January on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A mish-mash of survival horror, first-person shooting, and parkour, Dying Light has garnered praise, and a bit of criticism. Though its story is nothing special, the side-missions and gameplay are more than enough to keep anyone entertained for long stretches of time.