Evolve Gets New Hunters and a Monster This Month

Evolve developer Turtle Rock have announced that a slew of DLC will be made available to players at the end of March, including new hunters, maps, a new monster, and more.  Check out the list below for details.

  • A new Behemoth monster is available to Monster Expansion Pack holders, or is available for $14.99.
  • Four new hunters are available, one for each class, each one with new weapons and will be available for anyone with the Hunting Season Pass or can be purchased for $7.49 individually.
  • Two new free maps which “introduce two distinct environments and add exciting new campaign effects to Evacuation Mode” will be available to anyone who owns the Evolve base game.  The Xbox One version will be available March 31, with a PC and PS4 release following on April 30.
  • A free observer mode will be made available to players for free on all platforms.