Layoffs at Evolution, Driveclub focused as a Service

According to information from Sony disclosed to Eurogamer, Driveclub developer Evolution has suffered layoffs.

Evolution’s focus now is updating the PlayStation 4 exclusive game as a service and launching the delayed PS Plus Edition of the game.

Sony’s Statement:

Evolution Studios will now focus on DriveClub as a service going forward, in particular, the important launch of the PS Plus Edition. We will be restructuring Evolution Studios to ensure that SCE WWS and in particular, Evolution Studios are in the best position to achieve these goals Our first party development studios are key to our creative strategy and we are very excited about the future projects being worked on and the role Evolution Studios will play.

Driveclub suffered an extremely rough launch after a yearlong delay. The game launched without its highly anticipated PS Plus Edition,¬†without the amazing weather system fans were excited about and had major server problems. Despite all these issues the game managed to sell well. It hasn’t been made clear if these issues played a major role in the decision to layoff members, but you can only assume it didn’t help.

According to Sony some members will be relocated throughout its vast web of first party developers, but there will be some redundancies. In those situations they’ll assist the staff any way they can.