Tekken 7 Data Leak Unleashes A New Challenger

Screenshots of Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and an unofficially announced female fighter for Tekken 7 leaked to the internet today. The leak of these precious looking character models follows the official arcade release of the title in Japan.

These screenshots showcase the beautifully crafted graphics that the developers at Namco have for Devil Jin and Jin Kazama’s character models. As you’d expect, the sinister horns, dark angel wings and flame pants for Devil Jin are still intact for the 7th King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Good guy Jin Kazama, however, has some notable changes in his appearance this time around. The flame pants and his signature hooded jacket are all there, but with some darker, maroon colors laced with some details of golden flame. His footwear has even changed from the generic tennis shoes to some really powerful looking maroon boots.




The new character looks innocent and could potentially be a cool partner for Ling Xiaoyu or Lucky Chloe considering how carefree and cheerful they are. With her dark complexion and slim stature, she bears a striking resemblence to Talim from Soul Calibur series which has also been made by Namco over the years. Her choker and extremely elaborate knee sandals could suggest that she’s from a tribe or some sort of traditional family, but the kind-of-but-not-really bunny-ears hairpiece seems to throw off that theory. At the time of this writing, she remains unnamed.



Finally, there’s this guy…..


We don’t know whether or not he’s part of a game mode or if he’s a playable character. All we know is that we would not want to share a room or a cell with him. His gigantic muscles and mechanic tubes coming out of his body screams “Doctor Octopus, except WAYYYY more intimidating.”

As of now, Namco has not released any official word about the leak of these screens. However, we’re certain that they won’t keep quiet. They’ve been on a roll with releasing tons of mouth-watering content and have provided some pretty decent exposure to some of the new characters like Shaheen and Katrina Alves. For more Tekken 7 goodness, peep the awesome trailer below featuring none other than our favorite, Lucky Chloe.