Wanderer Character Class Introduced in New Etrian Mystery Dungeon Screenshots and Trailer

Earlie today Atlus was kind enough to announce that all Etrian Mystery Dungeon DLC will be free for the first month. Now the publisher have followed up their graciousness by introducing the Wanderer character class.

We’d attempt to explain it, but honestly this snippet from the press release does a better job than we ever could:

“Like to roam around around around around? Well then they should call you the Wanderer! Someone who never sheaths their sword and keeps ferrets and/or any other small animal friends hidden at all times. They’ve found that through being defeated over, and over, and over again, that survival is an absolute must. Thanks to expert studies at the school of hard knocks, they’ve learned to make their own escape route, because losing all your items in the mystery dungeons is akin to losing a part of your soul.

By the way, if you see the Wanderer with their bamboo hat tilted downward, don’t be confused. Wanderers just aren’t huge fans of talking. Maybe this is because they don’t have much to say. Or maybe they think that for some reason their ferret will do the talking for them. But you know what they ARE huge fans of? Clearing hidden paths and using skills targeted towards insects, plants, animals, and even dragons, that’s what! Oh, and rice balls. They’re fans of rice balls too.”

Check out a trailer and screenshots below: