God of War III Remastered Announced for PS4

Sony and Sony Santa Monica have announced that God of War III will launch on PS4 in celebration of the franchise’s 10th anniversary. Originally released in 2010, God of War III marked the end of Kratos’ vengeance as he ascended Mount Olympus in pursuit of Zeus. Along the way, Kratos faced many obstacles including the gods, a mysterious girl, and his own guilt. Though not considered the best entry in the franchise, God of War III is still a fantastic game with amazing visuals that still hold up today. Now, we can relive all the epic moments on PS4.

God of War® III Remastered_20150311214233

God of War III Remastered will be the first God of War game released on PS4. The game will run at a native resolution of 1080p, an all-new photo mode. God of War II, and the upcoming God of War IV, director Corey Barlog promises silky smooth combat, earth-shaking weapons, and bosses that will still astonish players. God of War III Remastered is out July 14 exclusively on PS4.