New Overlord Game Teased on Twitter

Just a day after a new Dirt game was teased, Codemasters is at it again with a number of enigmatic Overlord tweets.

Gnarl, minion master and chief advisor to the Overlord, tweeted today using an account created back in 2009: “Evil always finds a way,” one of the messages reads. Codemasters official Twitter also came alive with news of what appears to be the Overlord’s helmet – seemingly fallen from the sky – lying on the ground in their car park:

As with yesterday’s tease, no official announcement of a new game has been made. Fans of the series have been waiting roughly six years for a follow-up to 2009’s Overlord II. With today’s news and the next generation of console hardware well-established, perhaps they won’t have to wait much longer to once again embrace their evil side.