Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker amiibo Functionality Now Live

The ever elusive creature that is the amiibo has peeked its head out from the bushes once more in the form of a Toad in the Wii U exclusive Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

The amiibo will unlock a hide-and-seek mini-game with a small pixelated Toad.  Once placed on the gamepad’s NFC reader, players will be able to jump into over 60 stages to hunt for the tiny pixelated version of Treasure Tracker’s titular character.  The Toad amiibo lacks any specific Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker branding, so other games with Toad in the future will probably be featuring this version of his amiibo as well.

The Toad amiibo will be available March 20.

Check out the trailer below (which we posted the Japanese version of last week) to see the Toad amiibo in action: