Man at Arms Takes on Link’s Legendary Shield

The talented artists, designers and metalworkers from Man at Arms recreate some of the coolest and most iconic weaponry in video games. They’ve done everything from Fire Emblem to Pokémon and it’s never nothing short of amazing. Their most recent piece of work gives offense a backseat and focuses on a good defense.

The Legend of Zelda has yielded numerous swords, boomerangs and shields. That’s why this Man at Arms episode shows off Link’s Hylian Shield. He’s carried this legendary shield through countless journeys aiding him as his primary counter weapon for decades.

Watch the video as the team welds, heats, cuts, embosses and pounds the shield into shape. The process can take days to perfect and Man at Arms pulls it off without any flaws.

This reproduction looks worthy enough for Link to carry into battle. It pairs perfectly with their Master Sword.