Six Flags Converting Goliath Roller Coaster into Monster Hunter Ride

Six Flags Magic Mountain in California will be converting its flagship roller coaster, Goliath, into a customized Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate experience. One car of the ride will feature a design of Gore Magala, the black eclipse wyvern, from the cover of the game.

At the park, fans can visit special kiosks at the Cyber Cafe to play demos of the game. There will also be commemorative merchandise sold around the park to celebrate the event. And on March 28 and 29, guests can check out a realistic traveling Caravan straight from the game as well as play and chat with Capcom staff.

Goliath is a record-setting coaster with an extreme 255-foot drop. Its 26 stories high and barrels down the track at 85 mph. With these numbers it’d fit right in with the enemies in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Visit Six Flags Magic Mountain anytime from March 28 to August 10 if you want to conquer this beast. You can even attempt to tame Magic Mountain’s new ride, Twisted Colossus; the world’s longest hybrid coaster– debuting this year.