Watch Sexy Senran Kagura Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Costumes Torn Off

Why did it take so long for Senran Kagura and Dead or Alive to have a crossover? After all, both series star bodacious babes beating the crap out of things with jiggle factor cranked up to 11. Finally, however, Koei Tecmo is today releasing a set of sixteen Senran Kagura costumes for the recently released Dead or Alive 5: Last Round in Japan.

To celebrate this occasion and show gamers why they need this, a two minute trailer was just released that features many of the costumes both in good condition and, erm well, let’s just say a condition that won’t be returned to Sears anytime soon (that’s where ladies buy sexy lingerie, right?).

Revel in the possibility of another Senran Kagura coming to our shores here and check out the video below: