Mass Effect Arrives on PlayStation Versions of Minecraft

Apologies in advance for subverting your expectations with the first part of that title, as there’s a large contingent of fans that want to see a full Mass Effect trilogy remastered for PlayStation 4. Still, even though we have a while until any Mass Efffect title gets released, players can get their fix in a much more popular open setting. That’s right: Mass Effect is coming to the PlayStation iterations of Minecraft in the form of texture and outfit DLC items this week.

Now players will have the ability to deck their characters out like whatever Shepard they please, as well as turn their environment into the Mars Facility from the controversial Mass Effect 3. The UI will be overhauled for those who choose to indulge themselves, and 22 music tracks have been added to give Minecraft a full Mass Effect feel. In addition to this breathtaking news, the Pattern Texture Pack has also been released, which will allow the world to be shifted into a colorful array of, well, colors.