How to Find the Abandoned Old Workshop in Bloodborne

One of the more interesting sights to behold whilst traveling through Yharnam is that of the Abandoned Old Workshop. While that name doesn’t exactly exude excitement, it is an almost exact replica of all of Hunter’s Dream, the central hub area of Bloodborne. An important part of both the setting and story, it’s a site you’re not going to want to skip out on experiencing first hand.

Here’s how to get to it:

After the Blood-Starved Beast is defeated, go back to the Cathedral Ward. Here, go down the first set of steps and take a right to a newly opened door:


Continue forward until you reach a spiraling tower. At this point, take a right instead of entering the tower. This will lead you to a small drop:


Drop down there and proceed to the dark basement area of the tower:

Carefully position yourself to drop a small ledge (roll if necessary); it will take a good deal of your health, but if you hit it right, you can then drop down to a set of doors you should be able to open:


And there you have it: you’re at the abandoned old workshop, an eerily familiar location: