PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.50 Hits Tomorrow

Codenamed Yukimura, PlayStation 4’s 2.50 patch is hitting tomorrow. The update will come with the long awaited suspend and resume feature, allowing players to pause their games and come back later without any worry of losing progress. It’s a feature that was touted over two years ago when the system was first announced that finally is becoming a realization.

In addition, PS4 owners will be able to back-up and restore their data (games, save files and media) onto an external hard drive or USB device. There’s also the ability to remap buttons on your DualShock 4 controller as well as finding and connecting with friends easier. Finally, Remote Play and Share Play now supports 60fps, system software updates can be installed automatically, and the ability to upgrade sub-accounts to master accounts has been added.

This will all come at some point tomorrow, March 26.