XSEED Teasing Senran Kagura, Ys and Akiba’s Trip Announcements for Easter?

What is it with Japanese localization companies trolling us so much? Just last week Aksys posted a cryptic (possibly Zero Escape 3) teaser website that has figuratively (and possibly literally) been driving the internet insane and now XSEED is getting in on the action with a potentially huge tease of their own. The publisher has today gone to Facebook and Twitter with the simple statement “Prepair to get naked this Yster.”

The “Ys” pun makes it fairly obviously that it will have something to so with the Ys franchise, but the nakedness throws us off completely. In fact, it almost leads us to believe it will be a stealth release or at least release date reveal of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed for Steam, which was teased last year. That then wouldn’t explain the Ys pun, however, which has us incredibly confused. There’s also the “Prepair” pun which sounds like it’s referring to the many twins (or, to be delicate, what hangs off the lady’s chests) of Senran Kagura. This could mean a stealth release or at least announcement of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, the English trophies of which were released just a few days ago.

Perhaps it involves Senran Kagura, Akiba’s Trip and Ys, which would make for quite the happy Easter indeed.