How to Get the Key to the Upper Cathedral Ward in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is pretty hard, but it could always be harder. That’s the purpose of the Upper Cathedral Ward, which is meant to make your life in Yharnam all the more excruciating. The area is filled with difficult and cool enemies that are worth seeing even if you’re too chicken to actually try to slay them.

Here’s how to get there:

1. Go to the Awakened Above Ground grave (third portal) and go to the Yahar’gul Chapel checkpoint (provided you’ve unlocked it). Turn to the left and go up the stairs and hug left to ensure you don’t get hit with the beam attack:
2. Continue to hug the wall until you come upon a gap in the fencing:

3. Drop down and continue through the door. Watch out for two enemies in here:

4. There will be a gap in the center railing, drop down here and grab the key on the body:


6. Return to Cathedral Ward and climb the tower to insert the key. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked Upper Cathedral Ward! Be warned, this place is filled with difficult (depending on your level) and insight-sucking enemies.