How to Defeat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne

Okay, by now Bloodborne has probably gotten its hooks into you, likely to the point where you’re having that ridiculous mental debate over whether you should forgo work or sleep in order to continue playing. While we can’t possibly advise putting your health and/or livelihood at risk in order to play a massive game (though you totally don’t have to shower if you don’t want to), we also can’t blame you for getting addicted so quickly.

Bloodborne‘s second boss, Father Gascoigne, is notably more difficult than its predecessor due to his speed, high damage output, and three-stage attack plan. It’s relatively simple to find him, as he is at the end of the path in Central Yharnham that houses the fireball-rolling ogre. On the way to the fight, you’re going to have to make the tough choice between fighting a massive pig near at the mouth of a sewer tunnel and avoiding five possessed citizens and a rolling ball of fire (the former path is far superior). As was mentioned in the Cleric Beast guide, it’s always better to err towards the side of caution when it comes to the amount of time you spend grinding out your character’s level, weapons, and items. Bloodborne, while brutally unforgiving, rewards players who take the time to combine patience and effort, so taking the time to level up and max out crucial items like Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets is essential. In order to give you a good idea of how to defeat Father Gascoigne, we need to look each of the three sections of this battle individually, as employing a shifting strategy is essential.

father gascoigne 2
Before diving into exactly what Father Gascoigne’s first battle section entails, it’s worth noting that the home of this boss fight, Central Yharnham’s cemetary, is loaded with tombstones and trees that could instantly corner you. It’s imperative that you always leave at least one direction available for side-stepping, as getting caught between Gascoigne and one of his deadly combos will result in certain death. Also, because of this particular boss’s attack speed, it’s highly advisable to have a full stock of Blood Vials (which should be used liberally) and a high amount of Quicksilver Bullets, though the latter is only really necessary for the final stage of this fight. Whenever your heath is at half-capacity or below, use a locked-on side-step to give yourself time to heal.

The first segment of the battle gives players their first experience fighting a Hunter with the exact same skill-set and equipment as them. Armed with a one-handed axe and a blunderbuss, Gascoigne’s main goal will be to draw you in and unleash a fury of melee attacks. The farther you back away, the more likely you are to be hit with a barrage of bullets, thus rendering dashing extremely difficult. The key here is to stay close enough to where only a couple of dashes will place you at Gascoigne’s side or back, but far enough away so that he doesn’t hit you constantly. Take this part of the battle extremely slowly, as one wrong move could lead to your entire health bar being depleted. Simply wait for Gascoigne to attack in any manner, dash in the opposite direction of his swing, hit him one to three times with your melee weapon, and repeat. Eventually, you’ll whittle down the first third of his health bar, causing him to unleash his Trick Weapon into its two-handed state.

father gascoigne 3
This next portion is actually slightly easier if proper care is taken, but those who act foolishly might see their progress wiped out in seconds. Father Gascoigne’s two main two-handed attacks are a spinning side-swipe and a massive downward swing, and while some other attacks may be thrown in the mix, they’re largely simple to avoid. Once again, you’re going to want to make sure you’re locked on here, as this will make setting up the two best damage-dealing methods possible. If you’re a bit concerned about your proficiency with Visceral Attacks, simply utilize the side-stepping attack method mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, if you’re looking to end thing a bit quicker, a well-timed gunshot during the downward swing attack makes for a pretty easy Visceral Attack combo. Keep in mind that all of Gascoigne’s animations during the first two portions of the fight are extremely quick, so this isn’t for the faint of heart. After completing the two-handed section of the fight, it’s time to watch your foe transform into a heinous hulking beast for the home stretch.

During Father Gascoigne’s transformation, it’s highly advisable to either use the spare time to unleash a charge attack or back away to heal up with a Blood Vial. Yes, Gascoigne is totally vulnerable during this portion, but if you find yourself getting too greedy, you can easily be launched straight into the air. Luckily, this last battle segment is by far the easiest, as your foe can be vanquished with a couple of Visceral Attacks. The slower Beast Gascoigne will often execute the same attack over and over again before reaching your position, which gives you enough time to learn his animations and time your gunshot properly.

Complete two Visceral Attacks, and you should defeat Bloodborne‘s second boss, which reveals a new lamp and a path towards Oedin Cathedral and Old Yharnham. Players will also have the ability to use their Insight, which is obtained easily through breaking Madman’s Knowledge skulls, to buy Father Gascoigne’s outfit in the Hunter’s Dream. This is perhaps the greatest aspect of this particular battle, as his attire will prove to be the best unlockable armor for a fair amount of time.

Congratulations, Hunter, you’re well on your way to success.