TNA Wrestling’s Stars Talk Favorite Games on Impact Unlocked

During the March 27, 2015 edition of Impact Wrestling: Unlocked, Mike Tenay chimed in with a rundown of the roster’s favorite video games. This is a fairly interesting subject, especially with TNA having its own video game and several ex-TNA wrestlers like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe loving WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Manik’s favorite game is Super Mario Bros. Eddie Edwards’ is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! Sorry, Mr. Dream – you just don’t compare to “Iron” Mike. Low-Ki’s favorite game is the NES version of Bionic Commando, but he’s also a fan of the Hitman games – coming out as Agent 47 at Wrestle Kingdom 7.


MVP’s favorite game is Tekken, and he’s made use of King’s offense including the Yakuza kick and shining wizard into his moveset. Kenny King’s favorite games include the Metal Gear Solid franchise and The Last of Us. Rockstar Spud‘s favorite video game is FIFA Soccer, and his “I’m With Spud” shirt is a personal favorite of mine thanks to owning a cat named Spud. Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus’s favorite games are the Street Fighter franchise and GoldenEye on the N64. Awesome Kong’s favorite game is Super Mario Bros. 3, while Madison Rayne’s favorite is Super Mario Kart. Gail Kim is a legendary women’s wrestler thanks to her TNA runs resulting in a myriad of classic matches, and her favorite game is Bejeweled.


The former NWA World Champion Abyss’s favorite games are Space Invaders and the Madden franchise. James Storm’s favorite game series is also Madden. Matt Hardy’s favorite franchises are Pac-Man and Street Fighter II. TNA referee Brian Hebner’s favorite series is Madden – giving Madden the top vote so far for the roster’s most beloved franchise. TNA World Champion and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle’s favorite is Mario Bros., but they didn’t clarify if it was the original game or Super Mario Bros. Bobby Lashley’s favorite is also Madden, giving it four votes. Shockingly, no one on the roster mentioned TNA’s own game, or Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, which has been beloved by wrestlers for years and even got a plug on New Japan Pro Wrestling World on AXS TV by Josh Barnett, who is in the game and told you to play as Josh Hornet to enjoy his character. Josh was such a big star in Japan in part due to his New Japan Pro Wrestling run that he was even put in Katamari Damacy as a character you could roll up.