Bloodborne Guide: Bosses, Items, Locations, Secrets and More

So you’re playing Bloodborne. Now that your gaming skill has been knocked down a peg or two and you’re looking for a dark corner to curl up in and die, we thought we’d give you a helping hand through a series of mini-guides highlighting the most confusing and difficult parts of Yharnam.

To bring you everything as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, we’ve decided to release our guide in bits throughout the coming days. You’ll be able to find all the latest bits of help simply by reading Hardcore Gamer, but if you want to jump directly to the guides or want everything for reference, we’ve decided to continually compile everything in one place.
Check out everything below as it’s released and feel free to request help or clarification in the comments. The editor who wrote the corresponding portion will directly get back to you.

Getting Started:

Bloodborne Tips, Tricks and Other Tidbits


Workshop, Storage and Memory Altar
Abandoned Old Workshop
Upper Cathedral Ward
Cainhurst Castle


Small Resonant Bell
Key to the Upper Cathedral Ward
One Third of Umbilical Cord Pieces for True Ending


Cleric Beast
Father Gascoigne
Blood-starved Beast
Vicar Amelia
Witches of Hemwick
Darkbeast Paarl
Shadows of Yharnam
Rom, the Vacuous Spider
The One Reborn
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
Mergo’s Wet Nurse
Gehrman, The First Hunter
Moon Presence
Martyr Logarius
Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Chalice Dungeon Bosses:

Watchdog of the Old Lords
Beast-possessed Soul
Watcher Chieftain and the Merciless Watchers
Keeper of the Old Lords
Undead Giant
Pthumerian Descendant
Bloodletting Beast
Forgotten Madman & Madman’s Escort
Pthumerian Elder
Abhorrent Beast
Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen