5pb’s Latest Sci-Fi Visual Novel is Anonymous;Code

5pb, a company best known for Steins;Gate and many, many strange anime-esque video games, is working on its latest sci-fi visual novel, Anonymous;Code. The game will follow protagonists Poron Takaoka, a hacker with the ability to save and load moments in reality, and Momo Aizaki.

Following a computer catastrophe in 2036, and with a greater disaster right around the corner, supercomputer Gaia is used to craft an earth simulation for testing purposes. One strange “Arecibo Message” later, and the simulation enters tangible existence only to develop an earth simulation which, unexpectedly, brings the entire race’s actuality into question.

While I’ve mostly avoided the recent barrage of visual novels, Anonymous;Code seems as thrilling as its title is vague. With its paradoxical plot and — probably — batty dialogue, it’s certainly something to look forward to in 2015/16. Stay tuned for more details.