Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle Released for March 30

A new Monday equals a new Monday bundle from Indie Gala and today is no different. For $1.89, you can get Ostrich Island, BiT Evolution, SickBrick, GunWorld, Aviator, Cahors Sunset, and Chaos Ride. This bundle includes a pair of platformers, some adventure games, and a really fast-paced racing game. At under $2, it seems worth the price of admission just for Chaos Ride, GunWorld, and BiT Evolution.

Diverse bundles like this are usually easy recommendations and everything included here at least looks pretty solid. For under $2, there isn’t much of a barrier of entry. Between the seven games included, there should at least be one or two that you enjoy – so that really makes it an easy way to spend $2 and not feel like your money is going to waste.