Voted for Gurumin’s Greenlight? Collect Your Free Steam Key

Gurumin landed on Steam Greenlight way back in June and, to help push the game towards clearing what was a much tougher hurdle at the time, Mastiff offered a bribe of a free Steam key to anyone who-

  • Voted it up
  • Registered with the Gurumin Steam Group
  • Posted a notification on the Greenlight board they’d done so.

While that wasn’t a particularly hard hurdle to clear, Mastiff has decided that maybe they could have been clearer on the instructions at the time.  So, if you voted up Gurumin on Greenlight, head over here to start the (very quick) process to claim your free copy.  If you didn’t vote for it, Gurumin has always been a pure charmer of a game, and getting a big-screen release that’s been significantly cleaned up and modernized from its original Japanese 2004 PC release should be just about irresistible.