How to Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare in Bloodborne

There is a moment about halfway through Bloodborne where any semblance of logic seemingly flies out the window. Once players enter Yahar’ghul and experience death at the hands of the giant spider creatures hanging off of the sides of buildings, it’s quite clear that this is not your ordinary video game. Granted, Bloodborne is one of the strangest console releases in quite some time from a purely narrative perspective, but once things switch over to the Nightmare Realm, all sorts of oddity starts to happen. No single boss battle is as weird as Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, as this fairly simple encounter doesn’t test your reflexes as much as it tests your psyche. Writing a guide for this particular fight is a bit strange, as the only struggle comes from locating this rudimentary foe. Nonetheless, if you are struggling with Micolash, don’t feel bad, as we’re here to make sure that you wind up being as successful as possible.

Before diving into the ins and outs of the arena this battle takes place in, which is the true foe here, I’ll explain the basics of Micolash himself. This cage-headed human has two main attacks, both of which are extremely easy to avoid. The first of which should be familiar to those who have spent any time in the Nightmare of Mensis; instead of firing a gun at you like most Hunters, Micolash will unleash an array on tentacles in whatever direction he’s facing. Once you see Micolash wind up, simply dodge or roll out of the way and this attack should steer well clear of you. The Host of the Nightmare will also occasionally attempt to hit you with a standard punch, but this is relatively easy to avoid as well. Once again, this fight is not going to really challenge your reflexes or combat abilities, as it’s more of a narrative-focused battle than a challenge-focused one.

micolash 2

The real challenge, if you can call it that, comes from actually locating Micolash within the multi-level library he resides in. The name of the game here is to simply move up as much as possible, all while avoiding the skeletons that attempt to impede your progress. These smaller foes will only take a handful of hits from your main weapon, though they can do a bit of damage if you aren’t careful. It’s worth noting that the skeletons will occasionally collapse to the ground, making it entirely possible for you to get caught in the middle of an attack animation (leaving you susceptible to an attack). If you’ve leveled yourself up a sufficient amount, it’s entirely possible to end the fight with Micolash in relatively quick stages, both of which take place in bright arenas in different levels of the library. The first of these arenas is pretty simple to find, simply head up the staircases to the right of the entry point until you find a bright room looking over the exterior of Mergo’s Loft. For the second arena, just head up as many staircases as possible until you find a similar looking room.

If you’re still finding yourself lost after a few minutes in this misty labyrinth, one of the main video game techniques for maze solving will work wonders. In this stage, or in any in-game maze for that matter, it helps to stick to a wall on one side of your body and simply follow it until you’re back where you started. Think of a maze as a large, twisting shape: if you follow a single side of this shape, you’ll eventually see everything there is to see. By doing this, finding Micolash is a mere inevitability, especially if you’re using surround sound headphones to listen to his voice.

Once you’ve beaten Micolash, be sure to explore the rest of the library, as a hidden key and door will allow you to find the only Blood Rock in the game at a later point in Mergo’s Loft. Blood Rocks are the only way to attain a Level 10 weapon, so being a diligent explorer will help you in the long run.