How to Defeat The One Reborn in Bloodborne

It’s time to pat yourself on the back, Hunter. You’re more than halfway through Bloodborne, and if you’ve been doing a fair amount of grinding up to this point, you should have a fairly diverse skillset and an array of powerful weapons. From this point forward, I’m going to make the assumption that you have a pretty powerful character, as these boss guides would be a bit pointless if you’re completely incapable of dealing significant damage to foes. Those who have made it this far should have a basic understanding of Bloodborne‘s mechanics, rules, and strategies (conversely, if you don’t, you’ve probably quit by now). There’s also going to be no more mentioning the fact that you should try to have as many Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets at all times, especially when you consider that each area provides you with enough Blood Echoes to purchase a full stock.

After wandering through the gauntlet of death that is Yahar’ghul, you’ll emerge in a courtyard that you likely have been in before (assuming a Snatcher killed you at some point after the Blood-starved Beast fight). Head down the stairs, and through the gate, making sure to dispatch any enemies and Bell-Ringing Women that appear in your path. Once you reach a large open area at the end of this next section, a cutscene will introduce The One Reborn, a bizarre beast that is far less powerful than it initially appears. There are a couple of tricks that you can use to make this battle relatively simple – doubly so if you’re a Hunter with high Vitality statistics – so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

the one reborn 2
One of the first things you’ll notice is the onslaught of fireballs raining down from the balcony above. If you’re pretty adept at dodging and rolling, you technically don’t have to take out any of these fire-shooting enemies, but it certainly helps to head up the stairs and take out as many of these foes as possible. This strategy adds another interesting technique into the mix, as melee attacking The One Reborn while falling from above will do a ton of damage. However, all of this is completely optional, or unimportant at the very least, if you’re the type of player that constantly sidesteps.

In order to understand the main technique necessary to kill The One Reborn, one has to realize the biology of the beast (this has to be a phrase we use more often). From the front, The One Reborn is extremely tall, with a single projectile-slinging skeleton at its highest point and a gooey stomach-like thing at the very bottom of its body. For the sake of this strategy guide, we’re going to completely ignore the front of this particular boss. Attempting to kill The One Reborn from the front is a fantastic way to get yourself killed, as it’s entirely possible to get yourself trapped underneath this hulking beast. The superior strategy involves dashing around to its much smaller rear-end, as it’s incredibly easy to land quick attacks on its hind legs and rump. Once you get to The One Reborn’s rear, its entire behavior pattern changes for the better (with the exception of a late-battle technique that sees a massive flood of damage-causing fluid).

the one reborn 3
After forcing The One Reborn to switch its orientation, simply melee its legs over and over until it collapses. As you know by now, any boss that collapses to the ground gives you a great opportunity to deal a heavy amount of damage, so be sure to take advantage of this. It’s worth noting that once The One Reborn collapses, you can do an extreme amount of damage to it by attacking the aforementioned skeleton at the top of its torso. This strategy is more for risk-taking players, as there’s a chance that you could find yourself susceptible to frontal attacks if it rises too quickly. To complete this battle, and gain access to the Lecture Hall, simply repeat this stunning process and revel in your victory.

You’re getting closer and closer to the end, Hunter. All of your pain and torment will soon be worth it.