How to Kill Amygdala in Bloodborne

If ever there was a moment that perfectly exemplifies the weirdness that is Bloodborne‘s camera mechanics, it’s the fight with Amygdala. The nausea-inducing combination of having the camera lock-on feature targeting this Great One’s head, while having a great deal of the battle take place at her sides, makes for a great deal of twitchy, spinning nonsense. For this particular guide, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re able to lock on to use side-stepping before immediately unlocking to attack key parts of an enemy. Of course, if you’re someone who loves their camera spinning around recklessly, more power to you I guess, but the vast majority of people prefer an experience that feels more controlled. Amygdala isn’t a bad boss by any means, but fighting her is far more manageable when you have as many elements in your control as possible.

Amygdala is a giant spider-like creature, not unlike the Frenzy-inducing warping creatures that make your life living hell in Yahar’ghul. Her legs are extremely tough, as even high powered weapons do minimal damage to them, but her arms and head are extremely vulnerable. The thing about Amygdala’s head is that it’s generally not worth risking your life to attack it, as there’s a great chance that you can quickly find yourself dead if you’re too reckless. As you know by now, Bloodborne is a game that does its best to teach you as much as possible without explicitly stating anything, so if you’ve been paying attention, you should know one of her attacks quite well. The second large spider in Yahar’ghul fires a laser towards you before unleashing an explosion chain along its path; Amygdala does this occasionally, so be sure to dodge this when it happens. Her massive stomp attacks are extremely dangerous, so be sure to stay on her sides and dodge whenever she launches herself in the air. She also has a tendency to swipe at you in a semicircular pattern, so it’s imperative that you try and stay towards her sides and rear without getting trapped along a wall.

amygdala 1
In order to defeat Amygdala, you’re going to want to try and dodge as many of her attacks as possible, all while dealing damage to her hands whenever they drop down. Having Fire Paper and Molotov Cocktails will work quite well here because, as you would expect, bug-like enemies are extremely susceptible to fire. Eventually, you’ll see a couple of these limbs get severed, which presents an interesting quandary in terms of targeting. Amygdala holds two severed hands in the final part of this battle, and if you attempt to attack these severed limbs, you’re going to be understandably disappointed. This is where the interesting camera quirks come in, as it’s often difficult to dodge, target limbs that largely remain above you, and avoid limbs that don’t have much of a function outside of doing damage to you. If you are one of the risk-seeking Hunters that attempts to hit Amygdala in the head, it’s entirely possible to stun her and knock her to the ground, opening things up for a massive Visceral Attack. Keep in mind, though, that she will power-up and become much more aggressive in the final third of this battle, so be sure to balance conservatism and aggressiveness as wisely as possible.

This is one of the more straightforward battles in all of Bloodborne, as you simply have to identify the weaker parts of Amygdala’s body and simply attack them. There aren’t too many gimmicks, and being liberal with your dodges and Blood Vials is going to go a long way here. After defeating Amygdala, light the lamp located in the room behind her, and continue onto the Nightmare of Mensis.