Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 Bundle Announced

Sony has announced a limited edition bundle for Batman: Arkham Knight. On June 23, when the game launches, you can either buy it on its own, buy it with a basic PS4 bundle, or get a slick steel grey version of the system with some customized artwork and a steel grey controller. The console itself has a Batman silhouette with “Batman: Arkham Knight” etched into the cape, while the controller puts a different finish on the pad.

It’s a somewhat shiny near-silver color and looks fantastic. The only thing that really hurts the vibe they’re going for is the bright blue light on the console (and of course the light bar), but it’s a slick look overall. The limited edition bundle will cost $449.99, while the basic console bundle is just $399.99 – so you are paying a premium price for the custom finish.