Nintendo Direct is Really Happening on April Fools’ Day

Nintendo has officially announced that they’ll be broadcasting new Nintendo Direct webcasts for North America, Europe and Japan. Nintendo will start with the good ol’ US of A tomorrow on April Fools Day.

As far fetched as this all sounds, the publishers and developers of games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario have urged North American fans that they plan on having Nintendo Direct come full effect on a day where it’s impossible to believe anything. This morning, they’ve sent out this tweet:

With all the rumors and news surrounding Nintendo’s collaboration with DeNA,  the shut down of a Super Mario 64 fan remake and Nintendo’s Project NX console, this particular Nintendo Direct should be one that no one should miss out on. Wii U and 3DS games will surely be taking the spotlight this time around, but it also wouldn’t hurt to be wary of shenanigans at the same time. We’re watching you, Waluigi.

In any case, Hardcore Gamer will be all over this “no joke” web event come tomorrow. No fooling around, of course.