SteamWorld Heist Shows Off Its Gameplay in New Trailer

Still a little curious about how a side-scrolling turn-based strategy game works and didn’t get to play the demo at PAX East, GDC, or Rezzed?  Image & Form is addressing your burning desire for more detail with a new trailer for SteamWorld Heist.  Unlike the teaser trailer from last September, or the epic music video from November, the new trailer shows off pure gameplay.  It uses the GDC-PAX-Rezzed demo as its base, so the level is preconstructed instead of randomized, but seeing as the point is to show off how movement, positioning, and actions work that’s no big deal here.  The video takes you through breaching the ship, a bit of talk between the robots, and even shooting off and collecting the hat from an enemy robot’s head at the 1:10 mark.  It doesn’t end well for the raiding party, with only Captain Piper standing at the end, but them’s the breaks in the rough and tumble universe of a SteamWorld water pirate.