Xenoblade Chronicles 3D “Raises the Bar” for Handhelds

Xenoblade Chronicles Director, Tetsuya Takahashi says that the 3D version of the game will “raise the bar for RPG’s on portable devices.”

In the latest Iwata Asks interview, Takahashi stated that “This may sound a bit formal and perhaps I should use more casual words, but the game contains all of those elements that we as developers had to forgo on other games for various reasons. I feel very confident in saying that you will not regret playing it.”

There are so many things people are impressed with that makes this game so rich.” Iwata said. “Depending on the person, some people might see it as a bit vague, but I don’t think it’s that at all. My impression is that, as you said earlier, the y-axis and x-axis has such a perfect balance, and a lot of depth was put into each side of the game, and that’s why people have reacted to different parts of it.”

Takahasi was grateful for the reaction of Xenoblade Chronicles and spoke on the differences between JRPG’s and western RPG’s. “One difference is that it did a good job of incorporating the innate heroism of JRPGs…allowing the user to become the hero, to become the protagonist. On the other hand, games made in the West – and this is only my personal opinion – they are very well made, down to the last detail, but there’s something stoic about them, and often the heroism aspect seems to take a bit of a back seat.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will launch on the 3DS XL April 10.