DLC For Sunset Overdrive Has a Long Name; Drops Today

With perhaps one of the longest names and a perfect jab to cinema sequels, the latest DLC  content for Sunset Overdrive has been released today. Dawn of the Rise of the Machines is an extra campaign mode that features lots of old and gigantically new Fizzco Robots and plenty of new content.

Players familiar with the hilariously funny third-person action adventure will be thrilled to see plenty of new weapons, Amps, traps, enemies and more clothing to add to character customization. Dawn of the Rise of the Machines also comes with completely new Xbox One achievements to coincide with both the human vs. technology theme and April Fools day.

This new DLC for Sunset Overdrive is available for download right now. To see how your character can mow through enemies while in a blue, Tron-like ball, peep the fantastic trailer below.