Sony ‘Introduces’ PlayStation Flow, Wearable Underwater PS4 Accessory

Huge April 1 news from Sony today, as their PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology arm has just introduced a watershed moment in wearable technology: PlayStation Flow. Building upon such successes as Remote Play, Share Play and of course Project Morpheus, PlayStation Flow takes gaming to a deeper level. The flow will enhance the gameplay experience of certain games — like the underwater sequences of The Last of Us: Remastered — by taking gaming out of the living room and into the swimming pool.

The sensors fit on the user’s biceps and triceps, capturing every movement and sending the data to a PS4, with the PS4 streaming game footage to the PlayStation Flow goggles. And with the help of sound cancelling earphones, a totally “immersive” experience is had.

More still, the “PlayStation Flow Body Drier” will also be available and will dry Flow users in seconds after jumping out of the pool.

Check out a video of the Flow in action below:

Wait, what day is today again?