SuperHOT/Quake Mashup SuperQOT Wins April First

We see a lot of jokes on April 1, ranging from silly (Playstation Flow) to entertainingly silly (Google maps Pac-Man) to fairly lame.  SuperHOT, however, went far above and beyond what the day requires and fused their game with Quake.  The original Quake demo is fully playable with SuperHOT’s mechanics, and it’s awesome.  Time moves verrrrrrrrry slow when you’re standing still (it doesn’t stop, no matter what the ad copy says) and at full speed while you’re moving.  Shoot a rocket?  Watch it creep across the courtyard to pulp a grunt.  Nailgun?  Fire a quick shot to ping a scrag or let rip with the rapid fire but be ready to move, because holding down the shot button sees time progress as normal.  The entire set of Quake’s demo levels has been modded to fit with the SuperHOT look, low-res but still undeniably Quake in black and white and red.  You can get the game here 100% free, and honestly?  Whether or not today is April 1 is irrelevant, because SuperQOT is fantastic any day of the year.